Why Cycles was started early 2016 in Ogden, UT by Adam Miller and Ben Craner. Adam recently moved to Utah from Colorado Springs, Colorado where he started, and later sold another bike company (Borealis Bikes). A mutual friend and industry veteran, Jason Schiers put the two of us in touch and it’s been entertaining ever since. It’s fun because we each have very different backgrounds in cycling (some might say polar opposites)  Ben is a former downhill pro racer with an affinity for the gravity side of the sport including Enduro, 4X and BMX. Adam on the other hand has a long history with road, XC, Tri and endurance. It’s given us a nice balance. It wasn’t long before we started dreaming and sketching beautiful bikes, discussing better ways to construct them and eventually sell them to customers in a way that allows everyone to win. And with that, Why Cycles was born.

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