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s7-IconsS7 V.2 Supple Seven

The Supple Seven-S7

Because somewhere there’s a wet, tacky trail in the mountains.

The S7 is a blend of simplistic but versatile, comfortable but fast; it’s the best hardtail mountain bike out there. Yes, that’s quite the claim, as “best” is qualified in the eye of the beholder. That said, we truly believe that our new S7 is the ultimate all-around trail riding mountain bike that will last a lifetime. Designed around 27.5×2.8” tires, with clearance for up to 3.0” tires, this comfortable cornering machine will have you whooping for joy on trails where you thought hardtails couldn’t go. Not a fan of plus size tires?  You can also spec the S7 with 29″ wheels and the frame will fit up to a 29×2.3″ tire.  We did not intend for the S7 to win XC races or take down Strava KOMs on a downhill run (though we know some of you will prove us wrong, and, if you do, let us know; swag ships to all shredders). We created the S7 to adventure up and down hills with friends, rail corners, tackle technical climbs, and look damn fine while leaning against a tree while we drink beer on top of a mountain. We created the S7 to answer the question, “Why do we ride?

The titanium frame tubing optimizes the best qualities of the material. The ovalized top tube and slightly bent seat tube allow for excellent vertical flex to soak up trail chunder, while the squared-off bottom bracket juncture makes this titanium frame incredibly laterally stiff to minimize energy transfer loss when you take that KOM sprint to the brewery before it closes. Fully-guided internal cable routing and stealth dropper routing allow for a clean look and low maintenance. Sliding dropouts create options for singlespeed, belt, or geared drivetrains, and, most importantly, tuning the chainstay length for your desired ride quality. The Supple 7 lives up to its name: incredibly comfortable, fast, and corners like you’ve never imagined. You’ll feel like the luckiest rider on the trail with this trusty steed as your companion.  Would you like to see some custom built S7’s?  Click Here.

Beauty at every angle

Build Options Mountains

S7-frameS7 Frame Specs

  • Headset Integrated standard 42mm upper cup, 52mm lower cup
  • Bottom Bracket Threaded 73mm BSA standard
  • Axle Spacing Boost 12mm x 148mm
  • Dropouts 12mm Thru Axle, 1.75 thread pitch, adjustable sliding and belt drive compatible
  • Bottle Mounts – Bottle mounts on seat tube, top of down tube, bottom of downtube. Third bottle hole mount on downtube for accessory mounting
  • Rack Mounts – All standard rack and fender mounts
  • Seatpost – 31.6mm
  • Seat clamp – 34.9mm
  • Brake – Max 180mm rear w/adapter, direct mount standard
  • Clearance – Max 27.5 x 3.0″ or 29 x 2.3″ tires with slider adjustment of at least 5mm from fully closed

S7 geometry

The S7 has a few unique geometry features. Mainly, the bottom bracket drop and the reach. The BB drop affects how a bike corners and, combined with chainstay length, affects it’s stability. On the S7, the BB drop is just slightly more than other similar bikes out there, giving it a more stable, comfortable feel, yet making cornering feel more precise when initiated by the rider. (Especially when combined with the big tires!) The reach is slightly longer than similar bikes- the bike is built around extra wide bars and short stems, which significantly improves all-mountain trail handling.

Because Titanium is Magic

We make our bikes form the best materials possible for the terrain we ride. For now, that means titanium, but we’re not stopping there stay posted J. We use the highest quality Grade 9 3/2.5 titanium for our frames’ tubing, and 6/4 titanium for the head tube, bottom bracket shell, and machined bits all over the frame. The wonder material has so many excellent ride quality attributes: 43% lighter than steel, higher strength-weight ratio than aluminum, significantly more resistant to crash-damage than carbon, and the best vibration damping properties of all three listed here. We think you’ll agree that we achieved our goal of creating titanium frames with a modern twist by engineering guided internal cable routing, stealth dropper post routing, integrated headsets, and threaded bottom brackets. For riders who want a high-end, comfortable, fast bike built to last a lifetime, we believe a properly made titanium frame is the best option.

The Why Bikes


At Why, we believe in our products. If you are not fully satisfied with your purchase for any reason, you can return your Why for a full refund within 30 days of purchase.  Of course, we ask that you respect this policy (no purposely buying a bike for a long term “rental” allowed!)

Further, we offer a lifetime warranty to the original buyer on all Why frames. This is a straightforward warranty policy- basically if you use your bike for what it was intended, and the frame ever fails due to a manufacturing defect, we will replace it for you for free. 

And, to top all of that, we offer a lifetime crash replacement policy. If you crash your bike and damage it, or if you drive into your garage while forgetting there was a fresh new Why on the roof of your car, we will work with you to offer you a replacement frame at a very low cost. 




There’s nothing better than pedaling up a mountain, cruising along backwoods dirt road, or flying through a flowy dirt jump line. We’re proud of our handmade, uniquely rad bikes that we know you’ll love. We sell bikes directly to you from our website here, promising to offer you the best experience possible when buying, receiving, and, most importantly, riding your new Why. You can rest (and pedal) assured that we designed, tested, manufactured, and built your bike to the highest possible standards throughout the bike industry. We only create bikes we want to ride, and we stand behind our products with a no-questions-asked return policy and a straightforward, legitimate lifetime warranty and crash replacement policy.  Peruse our site or give us a call – we’re always here to help you find the bike of your dreams and explore the unknowns around the corner.