Freehub Magazine Reviews the S7 reviews the S7

The S7 is one bike I will be making room for in my quiver as soon as possible. It was love at first sight and now I can’t live without one. It opened my eyes to what is possible on a hardtail and I have yet to find its true limit—but I wouldn’t be surprised if I find my limit first.


Velonews Buyers Guide R+ reviews the R+

The R+ was pure fun on the dirt. It handles similarly to a cyclocross bike, and we could envision throwing some knobbies on this bike and giving it a go. But we were more compelled to throw some skinnier tires on it to see if that struck a finer balance between gravel goodness and a true pavement road bike, which is what we really want out of a bike like this. Fortunately, Why works a lot of versatility into theR+: You can run skinny tires for a more road-oriented feel, or go as big as a 700×44 tire. Why even says you can run 27.5X2.1 tires on this bad boy.


The Why Cycles Wayward, a 29+ adventure seeking, trail slaying, all around beautiful looking titanium hardtail mountain bike. reviews the Wayward

People are constantly stopping me and asking about it.  Maybe it’s the pink I9’s I choose, but either way, it gets them to stop, and I get to share with them about Why Cycles.  One spin on the bike and people are hooked.  They look at the Wayward and back at their bike, and you know the wheels are turning… “I think it’s time to replace my bike!