Freehub Magazine Reviews the S7 reviews the S7

The S7 is one bike I will be making room for in my quiver as soon as possible. It was love at first sight and now I can’t live without one. It opened my eyes to what is possible on a hardtail and I have yet to find its true limit—but I wouldn’t be surprised if I find my limit first.


Velonews Buyers Guide R+ reviews the R+

The R+ was pure fun on the dirt. It handles similarly to a cyclocross bike, and we could envision throwing some knobbies on this bike and giving it a go. But we were more compelled to throw some skinnier tires on it to see if that struck a finer balance between gravel goodness and a true pavement road bike, which is what we really want out of a bike like this. Fortunately, Why works a lot of versatility into theR+: You can run skinny tires for a more road-oriented feel, or go as big as a 700×44 tire. Why even says you can run 27.5X2.1 tires on this bad boy.


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