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Mountains Why Cycles | Ambassadors


We feel pretty lucky to have teamed up with these rad people- check ’em out below! Why Cycles ambassadors are riders who share our passion for creating awesome experiences on bicycles, whether in a race, a group ride, or a solo, multi-day bikepacking expedition. Bikes are about more than fancy titanium and neat frame features- they’re about improving our lives and the lives of others around us, one pedal stroke at a time. These ambassadors exemplify that attitude to the highest level- so if you see them out on the trail give them a big ol’ high five and check out their sweet Why Cycles bikes that they’re riding.

Niall Waters

Galway, Ireland


I am a self employed engineer from a small village in the West of Ireland on the shores of Lough Corrib. Bicycles and cycling is a way of life for my family. From mountainous adventures on our doorstep to international racing events, we get a buzz from all the places, experiences and people that we meet along the way.

No cycling discipline is safe with me. Although mountain biking and riding off road provides a constant challenge and source of entertainment,
I would gladly hop onto road, gravel or anything else on two wheels that brings a smile to my face. I also enjoy encouraging people who are new to cycling to improve their skills and to try and get the most out of their time riding their bike. Most of all I love the freedom my bike brings into my life.
Favourite trails
Derroura trails, Ballyhoura trails, Cong woods, Coed-y-Brenin, Llandegla.
Bike Setup
Why Cycles Big Iron. XTDi2, Hope Tech3 E4 Brakes, Manitou Mastadon Ext Pro, Maskinen Revolvek Carbon Rims.
Instagram @niall_waters
Facebook Niall Waters

Bryon & Becky Vordermann

Victor, ID


Bicycles have been Bryon’s love and passion for almost his entire life. BMX racing dominated almost 25 years. Bryon has at some point competed in almost every discipline in cycling. Somewhere along the way Bryon fell in love with mountain biking, especially the climbing and suffering part of it. In the past few years he has discovered bikepacking, and the absolute joy of bike rides that literally last for days!

Bryon met Becky in 2015 and since they have started a family together. Bryon introduced Becky to fat biking shortly after they had April in October 2016. Becky has since fallen in love with cycling and has participated in gravel, cyclocross, and endurance fat bike racing. April got her first Burley around the same time Becky got her fat bike, and in the summer of 2017 the family began bikepacking together.

They spent 2 weeks on the Idaho Hot springs Route in June and then in August completed a 900 mile tour of Alaska on their fat bikes with April in the Burley.

As a family, they hope to promote and encourage others to explore by fat bike.


Bryon: San Juan Trail in San Juan Capistrano, CA

Becky:  The Idaho Hotsprings Route


Why Cycles Big Iron Fat bikes!

Instagram: @f.b.j_and_family

Kim Murrell

Ocoee, TN


Kim spent the majority of her life traveling the world in search of adventure. Her quests have taken her everywhere from mountains in Nepal, kayaking at the pre-worlds in Spain, to surfing in Bali.  It wasn’t until Kim was recovering from a serious injury in her early 30’s that she discovered her true passion for mountain biking and creating long distance routes. Kim has since logged thousands of miles on the trail.  Her goals have always been to simply savor the journey and the people she meets along the way.


That changes on any given day. There are so many incredible trails out there!


Why Cycles S7-SRAM XX1 Eagle,  ENVE M60 rims, RS Pike

Instagram: @kimmurrell

Facebook: Kim Jordan Murrell


"Fixie"Dave Nice

Colorado Springs, CO


I’m “Fixie” Dave Nice head service guru, wrench, mechanic at Cafe Velo.  I’ve been riding since training wheels but the last 15 years I’ve rarely coasted. I’m obsessed with long distance routes and self supported bikepacking.


Little Creek-SW Utah, Kokopelli trail-CO/UT, Fish creek falls-Steamboat Colorado, Barr trail-Colorado, Whitefish Trail-whitefish Montana.



Why Cycles S7-Fixed gear, Rigid Fork

Instagram: @Fixiedave

Facebook: Fixiedave

Ben Handrich

Salem, OR


I spend my days as a high school counselor and Cross Country coach and my afternoons and weekends in the saddle.  While not a fan of reducing oneself to compartmentalized labels, when forced to I self-identify as a Vegan, exercise addict, and mountain biking enthusiast who uses the dark and dreary days of winter to dream up future bikepacking trips for the spring and summer, with a few winter bikepacking mistakes thrown in for good measure.


Black Rock and Shellburg Falls Trail system


Why Cycles S7-SRAM X01 eagle, Knight Carbon rims, RS Pike

Why Cycles R+-Force Carbon 1x, Reynolds Carbon ATR wheels, ENVE CX1 Fork

Instagram: @pedals_packs_and_pinots

Blog: Pedals packs and pinots

Christian Mannsfeld

Granite Bay, CA


50 year old guy who has been riding mountain bikes for around ten years.  Work as an ER doctor and medical director, which I love, but my passion is riding bikes.  I have raced all over the world with my mountain bike team out of Costa Rica, Team CoreCo,which is really just a group of guys and girls passionate about mountain biking.


Locally, the Auburn Confluence, Cape Epic and the Whole Enchilada in Moab, UT.


Why Cycles S7-SRAM XX1 Eagle, Nextie carbon rims, Rock Shox RS1 fork

Why Cycles R+-SRAM Force 1x Carbon, Knight carbon rims, ENVE CX1 fork

Why Cycles S7-Single speed Rock Shox RS-1 fork, Berd spokes and the Cane Creek Titanium cranks


Pete Basinger

Durango, CO

One of the most storied, experienced and humble bike packers of our time, Pete was a bike packer before it was cool.  Pete has won the Iditarod trail invitational at least 6 times, has ridden the tour divide, has won 24 hour single speed worlds, competed in the RAAM at age 19 and was an integral part in developing fat bikes in Alaska.  Most recently Pete set the Baja Divide trail record by riding 1,570 miles in 11 days on his Why Cycles Wayward 29+ bike.
Iditarod sled dog trail (1100 miles in the middle of winter)
Pete was Adam Miller’s first bike coach


Why Cycles Wayward-SRAM X01, Industry 9 BC450, RS Pike

Instagram: @pbasinger00