Revel Bikes and Why Cycles are proud to be officially joining forces under the Revel Bikes name. All the same beautiful titanium, all the same great models, just taking on a new name.

See the Revel tianium lineup at now!

Current owners and potential riders can learn more about the change with the link below or give us call at (970) 456-7336.

Who is Why Cycles?

We are a group of guys that decided a few years ago that we wanted to create a bike brand that stands for more than just grams, fancy parts, and mounting the race podium. Sure, we like those things too, but bikes are special, even magical. Everyone enjoys turning cranks with the wind in their face, but it goes beyond that for us. Bikes are the means for living, exploring, and building. Why HQ is in the cycling mecca of Carbondale, Colorado, where we ride our bikes as many places as we can. OUR FOUNDERS have been around the block in the bike industry, too. We’ve each started our own respective companies in different areas of the bike world, and succeeded at mastering materials, products, and trends in the world of bikes. With that experience, we bring you Why. We promise beautiful bikes crafted by hand that utilize the very best in unique materials, geometry, and industry experience. Don’t take our word that our bikes feel and ride like anything else you’ve ever tried: ride one and see for yourself.

Why Why Cycles

There’s nothing better than pedaling up a mountain, cruising along backwoods dirt road, or flying through a flowy dirt jump line. We’re proud of our handmade, uniquely rad bikes that we know you’ll love. We sell bikes directly to you from our website here, promising to offer you the best experience possible when buying, receiving, and, most importantly, riding your new Why. You can rest (and pedal) assured that we designed, tested, manufactured, and built your bike to the highest possible standards throughout the bike industry. We only create bikes we want to ride, and we stand behind our products with a no-questions-asked return policy and a straightforward, legitimate lifetime warranty and crash replacement policy. Peruse our site or give us a call – we’re always here to help you find the bike of your dreams and explore the unknowns around the corner.

 The Tech Behind Why

We make our bikes from the best materials possible for the terrain we ride. For now, that means titanium, but we’re not stopping there…stay posted. We use the highest quality Grade 9 3/2.5 titanium for our frames’ tubing, and 6/4 titanium for the head tube, bottom bracket shell, and machined bits all over the frame. The wonder material has so many excellent ride quality attributes: 43% lighter than steel, higher strength-weight ratio than aluminum, significantly more resistant to crash-damage than carbon, and the best vibration damping properties of all three listed here. We think you’ll agree that we achieved our goal of creating titanium frames with a modern twist by engineering guided internal cable routing, stealth dropper post routing, integrated headsets, and threaded bottom brackets. For riders who want a high-end, comfortable, fast bike built to last a lifetime, we believe a properly made titanium frame is the best option.



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