Why Cycles started in early 2016 in Ogden, UT as the common idea of a group of cycling enthusiasts: Adam Miller, Jason Schiers and Ben Craner. Focused on creating high-end bikes that reflected the joy they found in cycling, the three began dreaming up and sketching out beautiful bikes, discussing better ways to construct them, and finding a way to sell them to customers that allowed everyone to win. Soon after, Adam founded Why Cycles.

Since then, Why Cycles has evolved into a team of hard-working bike enthusiasts: Adam continues to run the company with his puppies Finn and Kudu, Jason looks over everyone’s shoulders to make sure the engineering side of things is in order, and Ben does graphic design work to keep the bikes looking pretty. Kevin Boyer manages production and operations, Greg Herrman makes sure customers are happy about their bikes (and is probably the one you’ll talk to when you call), and friendly faces like Kelly Rossberg and Adam Smith help out with business processes, engineering, and pouring beers at trade shows. The team works under the fundamental idea that the products they create should represent fun and excitement they’ve had biking—the reason why they ride—while simultaneously providing customers with impeccable quality bikes that improve their riding experience in a way that no other bike can.

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